Monday, October 24, 2011

Printable Coupons Offer Savings for Non-Cell Phone Users

Printable coupons are becoming more popular with shoppers who want to save money any way they can. Whether you're saving money at the grocery store, their favorite coffee shop or restaurant, or even on vacation or Christmas shopping, the smart consumer can count on coupons as a way to save money while buying much-needed (or much preferred) items.

Consumers turn to coupons and discounts for groceries and regular household items. Mobile coupon apps reach many shoppers with a smartphone but leave out those with a regular flip phone, or even without a cellphone. However, for those people looking to cash in on the savings, but are not interested in digging through the paper to clip coupons, printable coupons bring a solution.

Many coupon sites exist with an option to print coupons, while some also offer access through mobile apps as well. But you don't need the mobile app to use the website. Anyone with a computer and printer can take advantage of savings on cleaners, laundry detergent, and even air filters. Even if you don’t have a computer at home, you can visit your local public library for computer and Internet access. It may cost you a few cents a page to print out, but the savings you can get are worth the cost of the paper.

You can find printable coupons for just about anything you can dream up, in addition to the usual household items and groceries. Families looking for affordable ways to have fun can print out coupons for amusement parks, museums, movie rentals, pizza delivery, and party stores. Printable coupons are helping families find fun in these tougher economic times.

Most sites offering printable coupons make it easy for saving-seeking shoppers to locate the deals they need. Consumers browse the different coupon categories or use the site’s search feature. Once they have found all the coupons that they want, they can “check out” and print all the coupons at once. This way a shopper can print multiple coupons on one printed page, not wasting paper or extra ink cartridges.

With all the money you can save on groceries and household items with printable coupons, you could find extra dollars for a night on the town, with a new outfit to boot! Of course, with coupons being offered on any and everything, you can sometimes find printable coupons for major department stores. Even some smaller trendy stores feature online coupons for you to print out at home and use in their store.

In tight financial times, families demonstrate their best creativity in making a dollar stretch. Printable coupons can help anyone find a few extra dollars even if they do not have a cell phone. Mobile coupon apps are a great way to save, but printable coupons can reach more people looking to save.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Grocery Coupons Savings for New Moms

Grocery coupons can help new parents find savings on much needed baby items like wipes, diapers, formula, and baby food. No one ever said babies are cheap, and in fact, it's quite the opposite.

While your baby may be priceless, they're certainly pricey. The new costs that follow newborns can rattle your family’s budget. But if you use grocery coupons, you can save another little bundle on household and baby items.

A recent study found that a family that spends a minimum of 20 minutes each week using grocery coupons can save as much as 20 percent on their grocery bill. And if the average American family spends roughly $5,000 per year on groceries, that 20% works out to a savings of $1,000 per year. That's great news for new parents, especially since it's easier to find grocery coupons online and with mobile coupon apps.

Writing a shopping list for every time you go to the store is a great way to save on the final bill. And mobile grocery coupon apps help new parents with the ability to create many different lists and to keep their grocery coupons organized. The mobile apps even allow you to build a list of regularly purchased items and then finds the grocery coupons for either that particular item or one just like it. It's hard to find time to do much of anything with a newborn at home, which is why the shopping lists on a mobile app will help save a lot of time as well as money.

Some mobile apps even offer printable coupons from their website. Rather than looking through different newspapers and circulars, visit your favorite coupon website to look for your different coupons. You can print those grocery coupons yourself, and keep them organized with any other paper coupons you normally deal with.

Another feature of a mobile coupon app is the geo-location feature, which uses the geo-location and the GPS capabilities of your smartphone to locate the stores closest to you, and whether any of your chosen items are on sale or have coupons available. The convenience of this is, if you are running errands in another part of town, and you realized you needed baby food, you could use the mobile app to find a nearby store that has baby food coupons. Make a quick stop and you're ready to go.

The time saved with mobile apps is a great benefit to new moms juggling feedings, naps, doctor appointments, and all the excitement of a new baby. New moms can find great discounts in ways that work with their schedule – either by going online to print coupons or downloading grocery coupons right to their smartphone.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mobile Grocery Coupons or Paper Coupons?

Mobile grocery coupons are becoming more popular these days, what with the economy hitting bottom every few weeks. Are you really surprised that shoppers want to save their money anyway they can? Where they can find grocery coupons and how they use them varies as much as the myriad of products being discounted.

Of course, old-school paper coupons from the Sunday newspaper still get most of the attention. However, thanks to the increased use of smartphones, mobile grocery coupons are becoming extremely popular for people who want to save more. Many people carry smartphones, so accessing mobile grocery coupons through their mobile phone is a convenience unmet by paper coupons.

So, the question is which to use – paper coupons or mobile grocery coupons? Each type of coupon offers its own benefits and drawbacks. Paper coupons from the Sunday newspaper are delivered right to your door, and are packaged in one spot — all right in the middle. Many of us are so used to spending our Sunday afternoons clipping, filing, and tracking these paper coupons, because we've always just done it that way. Our parents did it, so we do it.

However, more food companies are offering their grocery coupons via mobile grocery coupons apps. As we see more newspapers suffering deep drops in ad revenues and overall subscribers, they're putting out their stories and ads on the web and via mobile phones and tablets.

These changes of news has changed out people receive and respond to advertisements. Traditional media outlets are trying to reach more people on their mobile devices, and the grocery product manufacturers have gotten smart and are doing it that way too.

Mobile grocery coupons are a one-stop shop for coupons like you would find in the weekly circulars, Valu-Pak coupon packs, and the Sunday newspaper. Different apps give you different ways to save that fits your own shopping strategy. Some let you save on the go, by storing your coupons on your store's loyalty card, rather than worrying about whether you forgot the clipped paper coupons.

People who use mobile grocery coupons have found many ways to save money with their mobile phones. Whether it's accessing shopping lists they created on their app, or using geo-location technology that can show them the closest grocery store with coupons for items on their lists. That means when you're on the way home from work and your coupons are still at home, you can still use the mobile grocery coupons to get the savings.

Once consumers are in their preferred major grocery chain, they can simply scan the barcode on any product to locate a coupon with their favorite app. No forethought about coupons is required. They just grab what they need and find mobile grocery coupons while shopping. That is a convenience that is just not available with paper grocery coupons.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sources for Free Grocery Coupons

Shopping with grocery coupons is a growing phenomenon with shoppers. New TV shows show shoppers who use grocery coupons fanatically, and new blogs and Internet sites are constantly popping up to share couponing tips with shoppers who want to save where they can. A recent survey said that more than 75% of shoppers used coupons regularly in 2010.

It's worth the time and effort too. One study we found said that a family that spends only 20 minutes a week using grocery coupons can easily save 20 percent on their annual grocery bill. When the average American family spends $5,000 on groceries per year, that can be $1,000 in savings. So, where are all of these free grocery coupons? You can find them in your mailbox, websites, and via the WOWPONS mobile app.

Many free coupons show up in everyone's mailbox every week via coupon mailers and weekly shopper magazines and newspapers. Sometimes called circulars, these newspapers and magazines usually just show up without the recipient ever signing up for them. Free coupons just show up without any rhyme or reason.

The Sunday paper is probably the most easiest place to find grocery coupons. Many people subscribe to the Sunday paper rather than the daily, because they're primarily interested in the coupons — or they like the funnies (personally, we like both). In the Sunday paper, consumers can find free coupons from many different manufacturers for all kinds of products. And most major grocery stores put their own free grocery coupons on Sunday too.

One of the fastest growing free grocery coupons trends is getting mobile coupons with WOWPONS. Smartphone owners can download WOWPONS right to their smartphone. With their phone’s camera, people can scan the barcode on products. WOWPONS will locate any available coupons for that item from the manufacturer or from the retailer.

WOWPONS loads the coupons right to the store's rewards card. The shopper just hands their rewards card to the cashier, and the savings will be applied right to the total on the cash register. WOWPONS even has savings available to people who do not carry a smartphone on the WOWPONS website. Just register on the website, and we will have grocery coupons that can be printed straight from the site.

Consumers are looking to save anywhere that they can. Finding free grocery coupons is becoming a crucial part to American families’ savings strategy. With the ability to save hundreds of dollars by using coupons, it is no wonder that consumers are adopting WOWPONS to locate savings on regularly-purchased products.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pros and Cons of Mobile Coupons

New mobile coupons become more easily found and accessible each day, and more shoppers make them a part of their regular shopping strategy. WOWPONS continues to expand the technology of mobile coupons, making it easier for consumers to use these coupons. When considering the pros and cons of using these types of coupons, you're hard pressed to find many disadvantages.

The fact that a many people have a smartphone with them at all times creates an easy fit for stores that want to connect to target demographics and specific audiences on a regular basis. More manufacturers and retailers are joining the WOWPONS cause, giving shoppers more savings options. Manufacturers and grocery stores continue to try to beat each other’s mobile coupons.

If most consumers use a smartphone, and if these shoppers are downloading savings with them, they are more likely to have those coupons available. WOWPONS beats trying to remember to bring the coupons from the house.

WOWPONS tie into shoppers’ rewards cards at major supermarkets. Consumers scan their items and with their phone's camera, and the app will find any available coupons. The found coupons are then downloaded to the rewards card, ready to use when they check out. They just hand over the rewards card, who scans it at the cash register. That’s just smart shopping!

Also, there is no more flipping through a pile of clipped coupons at the cash register to find that the coupon has expired. WOWPONS tells users when their mobile coupons are about ready to expire, and it will tell them where the nearest store is nearest to use the coupon. If a coupon expires before you redeem it, WOWPONS will suggest a similar item that has a coupon.

There are very few disadvantages about mobile coupons. You might leave your smartphone at home, but you're more likely to forget a big handful of coupons at home. Even if you left your mobile device at home, you can use any mobile coupons already loaded onto your rewards card.

Several specialty supermarkets and local grocery stores do not accept mobile coupons yet, which could be a disadvantage. Stores like this often offer unique and specialized products that rarely come with a coupon of any sort. Shopping local positively impacts the economy and environment, but so does WOWPONS. We save money and paper.

The cons of this growing mobile coupons trend are few and far between. WOWPONS introduce a way to save for the many shoppers who already carry their cell phone at all times.

Monday, September 12, 2011

How Mobile Coupons Apps Can Help Coupon Ninjas

The use of coupons continues to grow, as the price for food and groceries increase, and the economy continues to slow. We're looking for any way to save on our monthly budget, and some people have turned to hard-core couponing and have become Coupon Ninjas.

Coupon ninjas will rarely buy anything without a coupon in their hand. Take the case of an Atlanta shopper whose coupons were refused at a major grocery store chain. With a family of 10, she, like most Coupon Ninjas, never buys anything unless she has a matching coupon. The supermarket would not accept her coupons, not because of the number of coupons she had, but because of how she was doing it. The supermarket exercised its right to refuse any coupon and/or limit the amount that shoppers redeem.

Our Atlanta shopper turned coupon ninja could have avoided this if she had used the WOWPONS mobile coupon apps. WOWPONS are connected to most major grocery store chains and their rewards cards, and are another tool in the Coupon Ninja's arsenal. Instead of giving the cashier a stack of coupons from the different coupon sources, shoppers just hand the cashier the store rewards card. Supermarkets are not likely to refuse any discounts issued from their own rewards card

WOWPONS helps shoppers stay organized and save time on couponing. Shoppers can take a picture of an item’s barcode with their smartphone’s camera, and the WOWPONS app will locate any coupons offered by the store and the manufacturer. If the app cannot find a matching coupon, it will find a similar product's coupon instead. For the budget-smart consumer, this means never having to buy anything without a coupon.

The coupon is then uploaded to the coupon ninja's rewards card. When they scan their card at the cash register, all available coupons are redeemed and applied to the total grocery bill. WOWPONS can even trigger double and triple coupons for stores that offer them.

WOWPONS help Coupon Ninjas save money while they're on the go, without an overly-complex couponing campaign. They can find savings from the closest stores to them by using the apps’ geolocation technology. Shoppers will benefit from having all the different stores' coupons in one location — on their smartphone.

Extreme couponing strategies have become so popular, there are blogs, websites, and even entire TV shows dedicated to the art. It is no wonder that Coupon Ninjas are popping up all over the country, ready for the next big savings adventure. WOWPONS can help these savvy shoppers avoid running afoul of the store's policy, and help them create a simple and organized couponing strategy.

Monday, August 29, 2011

WOWPONS Printable Coupons Provide Additional Savings

Consumers using printable coupons from WOWPONS have found easier ways to save on frequently purchased items. Rather than waiting for the Sunday paper to arrive, these smart shoppers find a new way to save money on their time, not the newspaper publishers.

Mobile grocery coupon apps are an increasing trend, thanks to advancements in cell phone technology and their constant use. However, many mobile phone users haven't switched to smartphones, which all mobile apps need. So retailers and manufacturers have started offering their coupons in electronic form. But WOWPONS hasn’t forgotten people who do not have a smartphone, or even a basic cell phone. So we started offering printable coupons as way for people to find additional savings without spending extra money.

And some people would rather just a tangible paper coupon when they go shopping. WOWPONS thinks it's important to include these shoppers so we make many of our coupons available for printing off of our websites.

While most of these coupons are geared toward the most widely-used grocery products, many of these printable coupons are available for savings on entertainment, books, office supplies, and even restaurants. So finding savings on other items in your household budget is a clever way to save.

Our printable coupons are simple to use and are targeted to your specific location. Just enter your zip code, and WOWPONS will find any coupons usable near you. There's no need to drive 30 minutes out of your way just to save on a night out. We provide geo-targeted coupons at popular restaurants and pizza joints.

Even entertainment specials from cable and satellite providers sometimes have printable coupons available. Sometimes it just takes a few clicks of a mouse to find a few coupons that create an affordable night of entertainment. Combine it with a pizza delivery, grocery coupons for sodas and snacks, and get a movie with your satellite package, and you've got something for the whole family.

Another place printable coupon users find additional savings is in giving gifts. Many personal finance experts say gifts and donations are items most frequently forgotten when they plan home budgets. Printable coupons give you savings on gifts like flower bouquets. People who like giving personalized photo items like mugs and picture frames can find coupons for their next gift purchase.

Consumers who buy the Sunday paper only to clip coupons can save by using printable coupons. With WOWPONS’ printable coupons, you can search, sort and print with just a click of a mouse.